IT'S BACK- THE GRANDE JEFE CHALLENGE is back for our 2024 season!

                             Are you up for the task? For those who dare, the Grande Jefe Challenge is the
                             ultimate Esther's eating contest!
                             Finish off the following spread of epic proportions in 30 minutes or less:                                                                    Burrito Challenge:
                             6 Monster burritos in one! You have a 30 minute time limit to complete in order to get
                             the $59.99 meal for free and a T-shirt Can you complete the Jefe monster burrito challenge?!
                             Smoothened in sauce,(Shown here on its 19x14 plater with 6 little "asses" lined up for perspective) 
                             Basket of Chips, Pico de Gallo Salsa, large drink of your choice ( Lemonade, Tea or Horchata)
                             & one Sopapilla.
                             Finish it and you will earn bragging rights, a t-shirt for the occasion, a picture on our wall of                                       Fame. and we'll cover the cost of the meal ($59.99)